Alison Wright

Project information: 2017, (2) 40’ tall x 12’ wide x 2’- 9’ deep, low iron digitally printed glass & dichroic glass, metal point supports, steel brackets, wood utility poles and cross arms, solar panels and LED Lighting.


Developer William D. Feldman of Venice Pacific Investments, graduated from Hamilton High School in 1950 just a few blocks from this project. At the time these buildings were new and used for manufacturing. 67 years later, Feldman’s Culver Crossing reflects the “new growth” of Culver City.

Project Architect:

Graphics: Jeanie Chong, Glazing Expert / Project Consultant: Philip Vourvoulis / Triview Glass Industries, Installation: Rick Vasquez / Vasquez Glass, Glass Fabrication: Triview Glass Industries, Glazing Engineer: Sean Delp, PK Delp Structural Engineering, Lighting Consultant: Kathy Pryzgoda / Light Studio LA, Solar Panels: Greg Johanson / Solar Electrical Systems, Electrician: Brendan O’Brien, Construction Documents: Ryan Tyni, Wordsmith: Greer Montgomery, Pole Engineer: Patrick Bambrough / Gordon Polon Structural Engineers, Pole Installation:  Advanced Contractors Inc., Growth Rings / Signages Installation & Fabrication: Dave Tilsner / Dave's Signs, Moral Support: Dana Montgomery.